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It's Been A While...

Hasn't it just!

Covid, for myself and Wayne twice, plus Long Covid, plus my renal stones, my dog bite, the secondary chronic regional pain syndrome, my ongoing dental horrors, my eldest dog Mogwai's poor health, and everything else that has made 2022 my 'annus horribilis'!

Anyway, we are beyond that. Wayne and I have finished our really enjoyable New Caledonia holiday, and I am back at work next week, as usual, with my ongoing clinics Tuesday through Friday, with Wednesday afternoon for telehealth consulting.

Just a reminder: yes, I still offer telehealth, but no, there is no automatic right to this, as all doctors are limited by their usual commitments, their existing out of hours commitments, limits on consultation number and type, and my right and Wayne's to have a life outside of work. Patients are therefore gently reminded not to let their scripts dwindle to the last few pills before making contact, and not to wait until a referral is needed within a day or two!

Many thanks for your assistance, and here's to a much better 2023.

PS. Please keep an eye on the QLD state government's traffic light system, and what this means for masking-up at Sycamore Health.

Best wishes, Dr Steve and Wayne

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