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I returned to work this morning.

I am extremely grateful for such shows of support. It really has been an awful June-September. However, I see brighter days ahead...

I am not going anywhere. Wayne is supporting me 100%.

I remain handicapped by my right dominant hand. I have lots of inflammation and swelling still- today was my last day of over 2 weeks of intensive antibiotics therapy, plus the 2 surgeries, and the ongoing hand rehabilitation physiotherapy. My hand is very tight, particularly when my fingers are flexed around a pen. Use of a keyboard, mouse, or pen sets off more inflammation... I still have an open wound on my hand. No, not stigmata...!

My writing capability is severely limited, but this should improve week by week.

My typing ability remains limited, and I have to use Apple dictation services for many of my notes, which means that I have to allow time for this at the end of consults, as I can't just be dictating on and off throughout the consult, usually.

I have also had to introduce breaks into my work day to allow for time for the use-associated increased pain and swelling to ease a bit. Plus I need to do hand physio during the day, which also sets things off.

Physio and recovery time are set for the next 12 months!!

I have run behind on my phone calls- I apologise for this, and for everyone who has been patient. Together, we will get there... I haven't forgotten about you!


*Please consider if you can do a telehealth call instead of a face2face appointment, and allow flexibility in timing for this.

*Please note that I can't fit as much as usual into consultation times. More than one appointment may be needed.

*Please be aware that I can't do NDIS forms or other work requiring significant writing for the next fortnight at least. I can do driving medical forms, sick notes, scripts, requests for imaging and pathology, and referrals. If in doubt- ask in advance.

*Thank you for ongoing patience as I am simply unable to see as many patients as I normally would see in a typical day.

*Remember Morayfield Health Hub, and please don't be offended if for some matters/urgent issues that won't wait, I simply have to request that you see a colleague there/elsewhere.

THIS IS ALL TEMPORARY, and working together we can avoid more drastic measures to reduce my workload.

Many thanks, and best wishes...

Dr Steve and Wayne

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