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I will treat you to the best of my ability, knowledge and experience.


I will treat you as in individual.  I will listen to you and respect your views.


I will not discriminate against you on the basis of your sex (how you identify),  age, ethnicity/origin, creed/belief system, sexual oritentation, or socioeconomic background.


I will always aim to work with reference to the evidence base and within my limits of competence and skill set.


When I don't know something, I will try to  find answers.


I will always try to see you when you are in need, though there are limits and constraints with which I must work.


I will endeavour to provide you with excellent continuity of care and chronic disease management.


I will work with others in a team for your care, acting as the key coordinator and centrul hub of that care.


I will try to be as active in prevention as I am in treatment.


First, do no harm.  Respect confidentiality.


To try and provide  an attractive room within which I work.







I believe in the Declaration of Geneva:


“I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation,

social standing or any other factor to intervene

between my duty and my patient;


I will maintain the utmost respect for human life;


I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat”







For me to work effectively, you need to be honest withn me-  and with yourself.


When we make a plan (a 'concord'), try to stick to it and if there are problems return to see me early.


I want to see you for the big, complex things AND the little things.  Continuity of care.  If there is a problem getting an appointment with me in a timely fashion-  ask Reception to liaise with me, or similarly speak to the Practice Nurse and ask her to liaise with me.


When we do something that needs a review-  like a care plan, mental health treatment plan, organising tests-  you need to come back for that review in a timely fashion.  If I call you in for a review because I feel that it is necessary please make the time.


I am your Doctor.  I try to be both friendly and professional.  In return, please be appropriately friendly and respectful of my role and position.


Patience.  I bend over backwards for my patients.  I am thorough.  I try to sort out difficult situations and answer uncertain questions and needs.  I may run late.  I may be booked up with appointments.  I don't discriminate - you might need the extra time that I am willing to put in, too.  Please be understanding of how I work and of the needs of other patients.


If I prescribe for you, be careful with that script and use it as intended.


A degree of loyalty-  please try to keep continuity of care with me going and keep care plan and mental health treatment plan reviews for plans that I have done with me.  If you have a need and it's hard to get an appointment-  liaise with Reception or our Practice Nurses.


Respect that I work within the Medicare system with its rules and regulations, including on prescribing.  Appreciate that I generally understand how the system works and what is reasonable.   If I don't feel that doing something is either safe or reasonable or indeed legal, then acknowledge that I understand what I am talking about. If you think that I have it wrong, or you want to know why I am doing something in the way that I am-  just ask! I am no closed book.  


'Doctor shopping' will not be tolerated.


Violence or threatening language or behaviour of any kind is a 1-strike offence.  It will not be tolerated.


Discriminatory remarks or attitudes will not be tolerated.


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