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Mogwai Dax and disruption to my appointments

I am all over my renal stones issue. 3 surgeries in 3 months is more than enough, so my health is now firmly back on track. Welcome back to the kilts...!

However, my largest and eldest Great Dane, Moggers, has developed a rapidly worsening spinal cord compression in the neck due to 2 discs prolapsing. This was diagnosed with 3 very expensive MRI scans on Monday. He was due to have emergency discectomies and fusion surgery today, and of course this is both very worrying for me, and will require me to be with him for the surgery, and thyen home with him and Wayne after discharge to help him get about, lift him if he falls, and to help to manage with the other 3 pups.

Unfortunately- and who knows why we have managed to 'deserve' such bad luck with my health and Moggers' health this last 3 months- he bloated last night. We caught it early, but he has had cardiac complications, and is currently in intensive care locally. He should recover. If something horrible happens, I will need a bit of time. If all goes as well as it seems to be going, and his heart rate settles, etc., then he will come home as early as tomorrow, and again I will need to help care for him for a few days- plus then we still ened to organise the now delayed urgent spinal surgery.

So, I am thanking you in advance for your patience. I will be relying more than usual on telehealth, and there will be limits to what I can myself fit in and do.

However, the anticipation is that in a few weeks time everything should hopefully be back to normal with my surgeries/Practice appointments. Many thanks for your continued support and understanding,

Best wishes, Dr Steve and Wayne

and Mogwai...

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