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2021... the curse...

As the video below explains, I have had two surgeries for my right hand following an accident involving two of my dogs and indeed my hand! I am having to dictate this and gosh it isn't as easy as you think! Because of the position of the bite, I was unlucky enough that my extensor tendons sheath was penetrated, causing lots of inflammation and a very resistant infection. This required many bags of antibiotics in hospital, and two surgeries, with the emergency department doctor attempting the first surgery to try and make things easier for me, but unfortunately making things worse, and landing me in the worst world of pain that I have ever experienced. I had my second surgery under a hand specialist to Thursdays ago, and I'm continuing to see him in town, plus for hand physiotherapists there as well. I remain on pain relief and oral antibiotics, with compression bandaging, and two hourly exercises and lymphoedema drainage management. Things are a bit rough to say the least, but hopefully this will explain itself when I say that being at work currently without the ability to use my right hand and in significant pain is obviously not feasible. It is also a major impediment to being able to do phone calls from home at fair rate I am normally able to do them. I'm having to do notes left-handed and extremely slowly. Many thanks for your patience, pending my return to normal service!

Best wishes- stay safe...

Dr Steve

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