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So, I am of course back at work.

Physical distancing and staying at home wherever practicable remain key ways to help to protect yourselves and to reduce the risk of spread.

However, we continue to have avoided COVID-19 cases entering the Surgery, and are showing the best practices of cleanliness and responsible front desk triage of all incoming patients, plus we have chairs spaced appropriately, and we now have a single toilet for staff and for patients, plus coffee facilities etc. are limited to staff use only (you can still ask, where practicable, for a beverage). The gymnasium area is now only for use by patients when in official appointments with a staff member.

You ARE SAFE to come in. We still need to help with face-to-face exams, with ECGs and BPs, with other tests, and of course with important health assessments. We are also UNABLE to review care plans or do health assessments over the telephone, which should be remembered requires face-to-face appointments.

For your added security, if you would prefer to wait in your car and to be seen there, or be advised when you may enter to come straight into the physio or GP's room, that is also fine- just let reception know by a tel. call that you have arrived and are in the car, and what we are to do next, eg. me to come to you there, or tell you when to come in .

In great news, I believe that we have passed the vital hurdles for Practice Accreditation, and this to have been accomplished in the midst of the current pandemic shows just how hard James, Jan, Wayne, the Nurses, and the whole Team have worked to have achieved this. Congratulations to Sycamore Health!

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