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Opening Hours & Access & Waiting Times

I am now publicising this blog to all patients actively, hoping that this will provide a means to keep everyone 'in the know' on what's happening, how our service is run and changing to meet needs, and of course important updates, such as I did yesterday as regards the Coronavirus.

I will shortly have specific busines scards to remind you of this blog, and I encourage everyone to 'SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES', the widget for this being found on the CONTACT page... just enter your e-mail in the little grey-blue post box so titled!

We continue to be open for business on the GP/Medical side from about 7.30am Mon to Fri and Sun. We are not open at all on Saturdays- reception has no-one here to take calls then, either.

Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri are my long days. I am often here until 5.30-6pm.

Wed and Sun are shorter days, ending just after and just before midday, respectively.

As usual, I do my Beachmere and certain other home visits on a Sunday afternoon, and visit the Nursing Home on Wednesday afternoon.

Veterans needing Permanent Impairment paperwork have this arranged with myself or Wayne on an individual basis.

Appointments can take a little magic sometimes, especially when I am very full and busy, and even more so if you need a matching Nurse or even PhysioTx appointment. Patience is appreciated, and generally is rewarded!

Patients are reminded that if an acute / same day or otherwise urgent appointment is needed, then just ask! No-one is expected to wait for a week for a sore throat! Equally, it should be predictable if referrals or scripts are needed around a certain date, and patients are asked to be responsible for booking ahead, especially if a convenient time is wanted.

Waits are a feature of any busy Practice. I have patients whose needs are unpredictable, and I work with colleagues and specialists who often need to speak with me unexpectedly, usually when I am at my busiest. This can upset even the most well-prepared appointments schedule! I am increasing the number of On The Day appointments available, though this will take a few weeks to properly come into effect due to bookings already made.

I have always thought that patients who value quality practice from their doctor will understand that if they expect to be able to see their doctor at short notice, or for a bit extra time due to the seriousness and unexpectedness of their issues, then they should surely have an understanding that this goes for my other patients too. This is all the more relevant now that we are in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, where urgent need for care is likely to be on the rise, and is hard to plan around. Leave more room for more urgent appointments? Then this has to come at the expense of pre-bookable appointments. It's a fine balance, and one that can not be foreseen accurately every time. Again, your understanding is appreciated.

So, busy and challenging times. We are giving our all to the service that we are part of- your understanding makes it so much easier and more pleasant for everyone concerned. Remember too- reception will always advise of how I am doing for time, if asked, and if there is a problem with the wait eg. another appointment looming, then please speak up, politely.

Finally, it is patients' responsibility to remember their appointments, and to try to be on time, as being late or forgetting an appointment only adds to the challenges that we face, and waiting times later in the day. We don't send reminders for the Nurse or GP appointments given the high ratio of patients also seeing the Physios- and the risk that patients will arrive having missed one of the appointments due to a simple mistake and multiple reminder texts.

Myself, Wayne, Helen and Bec, and the rest of the Sycamore Reception Team look forward to continuing to advise, care, and be of service to you all- even in these busiest of times. As always, our service is serving you x

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