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***My Health: Bugs and Stones***

I am just writing briefly to thank patients for their patience.

Having just had two weeks where I had two colds/coughs/RTIs, the first week made particularly difficult as I had just had the AZ Covid19 vaccine 2nd dose, the combined effects of that and my bug being to give me temps >38C, my R renal stones decided this week to try and make a break for it, causing me substantial urinary bleeding, pain, and a fever, which still hasn't settled.

I know and appreciate that a couple of you have been moved more than twice, but all I can do is to thank you for your understanding, and to gently remind you that it is not reception's fault (nor mine) that I get unwell, the same as you; that I am a lone GP, of which you are aware, and have no in-house cover when I am off; that there are Practice and Public Health rules about people and especially doctors with Covid19-like symptoms, and I am required to get a Covid19 swab like anyone else, and to isolate until the results are known, and my symptoms have settled; that I have telehealth access even when I am off, to some extent; and that there are plenty of surrounding GPs who can assist, if required, in my absence.

I have not had to be admitted, because the stones are in the body of my kidney on the urgent CT scan that I had to leave work for on Tuesday, not causing obstruction, and I am on antibiotics for the infection risk, and have been consulting with my Urologist. The pain is highly variable. Wayne is taking good care of me, and Nurses Helen and Bec have been fantastic with supporting myself and patients in my absence. Thanks especially to Kelly, Nerida, and Maggs for holding the fort, and for all of the rearranging of appointments, on reception.

I hope to be back for Sunday, or at least for Tuesday.

Thank you again...

Dr Steve

PS. The Astra Zenica jab did NOT make me ill, rather I had that vaccination, and realised shortly after it that I was coming down with something, and the two things together levelled me. Incidentally, I believe that I caught that bug from one of several patients who came into work at the tail end of the previous week with symptoms of an RTI! This is why we ask you not to come in if you have respiratory / Covid19-like symptoms...

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3 комментария

Tracey Collins
Tracey Collins
09 июл. 2021 г.

Like us mere mortals you too can get sick. But seriously Dr Steve look after yourself. I hope you look after yourself too Wayne. Come back when you are better. Love from your “Trixie licks“. xxxooo


09 июл. 2021 г.

Hi there, Dr Steve..

You've certainly had a rough trot

Lucky for you that you've got awesome help at home and in the surgery.

Take care, and yes we'll wait until your feeling better.

All The Best...


08 июл. 2021 г.

Stay safe Dr Steve & also Wayne & we will see you when we return at the end of Aug? As long as NSW is not in lockdown.👍

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