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Dr Steve has liaised with the nurses and with the Practice owner, and we are concerned at the rate of apathy and non-compliance with recommendations for COVID19 testing, plus the growing public health risks from this.

As you will be aware, this is now a resurgent issue, and it is very possible that we are headed for a lockdown again, and a national new wave of delta variant infection.

At Sycamore Health, we are a family. We are close as colleagues, and we are close to our patients. It is not fair and not right if we are put at risk- or vulnerable patients are put at risk.

What follows is not meant to sound harsh, paternalistic, or confronting, and I rely on my excellent relationships with patients to ensure that the following is taken in the spirit to which it is intended to be taken- keeping us all safe...

I understand that people are fed up of being told to go get a COVID19 check- but the public health guidance is clear. It matters. It only works if EVERYONE pulls their weight and gets tested with any symptoms at all, irrespective of other bugs or snotty noses or coughs or colds that are presumed to not be COVID19 going around the community, if EVERYONE cares enough about not just their own health, but the health of others.

Such assumptions around bugs are not appropriate, and we have to remain vigilant and first assuming that it really could be COVID19, and this must be ruled out in all cases. This keeps you, your families, my other patients, and my staff and colleagues- as well as my husband and I- safe, at work, and able to serve you. It also helps to keep surges in COVID19 monitored and managed. Remember- we don't know if COVID19 is surging if people don't get tested. Then it's just too late...

So, from now on, if there is a consultation where I feel it appropriate and necessary to advise of the need for COVID19 testing, this will be a requirement of continuing to see me as your GP. It is a matter of trust, and personal and public safety.

Being vaccinated is excellent, but does not abolish the need to get tested.

I believe that the rest of Sycamore Health (physio, exphys) will also be following suit- so access back to care by us would require that you get what's a simple, readily available test, eg. at MHH (using my form at their internal qml, or seeing their dr if necessary), or the Caboolture river road drive through clinic, etc.

Yes, you have autonomy and the right to decline a test, but that refusal will unfortunately have implications for the trust between us and my ability to treat you.

Thank you all for your cooperation,

Dr Steve

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