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It seems that anyone with a sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath, emblematic of a respiratory tract infection. As per today's press release:

"Officials say the majority of cases continue to be people returning from overseas or people who have come into contact with those people. But they’re still trying to determine the origins of 32 cases, raising concerns that we are starting to see an increase in the rate of community transmission.

As a result, the Chief Health Officer has ordered an increase in testing on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Cairns where the majority of the State’s cases have been. Dr Jeanette Young says Queensland now has the capacity to do more testing. “I’m going to be asking health care workers to increase the number of people they are testing, even if they don’t have any travel history. It just means that when people present to their [respiratory clinic or] fever clinic, they’ll also be tested for COVID-19 if they have any respiratory symptoms, that’s cough, sore throat, shortness of breath. So we’ll be doing that additional testing to just get a picture of whether we think there is community spread happening through one of our communities.”"

As before, if you have these symptoms, you will either need to go to The Morayfield Hub's Respiratory Clinic, or attend the drive-through Strathpine testing clinic, and Dr Steve can advise further if you request a telephone call.


We have no unallocated influenza jabs, and we expect a delivery early after Easter- at which time you can expect more news of our flu clinics to be posted on here.


Dr Steve no longer works at the surgery on Mondays. Instead, this is a telephone calls and planning day. Scripts can not be signed until the next morning, where requested, please note. Once electronic prescribing is up and running, then same day scripts can be achieved, with these being sent direct to Pharmacies without needing a pen signature, I believe, excepting schedule 8 meds such as for opioids.


Dr Steve now has his lectern for consulting outside of the Surgery, as and when this is required.


Pharmacies can now be sent scripts directly, without a need to send the paper copy, except for schedule 8 meds such as opioids.


He continues to improve, and remains a beloved thorn in Dr Steve's side.

Lots of news! Stay safe...

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