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Dr Steve's Stones Update plus Masks

Many thanks for bearing with me for the next few weeks. I have had one surgery, have another this week coming, and possibly a third in a few weeks. I have a R ureteric stent and stone, and need that stone out. Those of you who have seen me recently- thank you for your understanding, and for the messages of support, and best wishes. It is always appreciated. I am in awful pain all day long, and of course have to literally run to the toilet with urgency and flares of pain very often. In fact, the longer that I am sat or stood- the longer that I am at work- the worse it all gets, and the heavier my bleeding into my urine. I have been at work despite this, but there are limits- and this also affects my ability to sit after a long day, doing phone calls. Thank you for considering your need to be seen or to have a call with me, and for flexibility in timing- and for appreciating that I'm trying my best.

Many of you will be aware that there are rules around self-declaring that you can't tolerate a mask, and can declare yourselves exempt from that. I remain absolutely convinced that this puts you at risk, and those around you at risk, and continue to encourage you to be mindful of social distancing, hygiene/hands washing, and to try to wear masks where possible, even if not in every situation, as getting and spreading Covid19 or potentially contributing to a lockdown situation is going to affect your mental health or asthma etc. more than wearing a mask for brief periods of time. Noting disability discrimination legislation, I am unable to see you in my room if you decline to wear a mask, but have alternate arrangements whereby you can have telehealth with me, or see me outwith the Surgery. If you have any symptoms that should signal a Covid19 test, I continue to require that you get that test, if recommended by me, based on the trust that we have in our Dr-patient relationship. I have faith that all of my patients will understand that I am not dogmatic about many things, and at all times must be mindful of your health and best interests, and also of my health, that of my husband and colleagues with whom I work, the public health interest, and the law. It remains unacceptable- particularly now when I am heading in and out of surgeries that I can not risk being delayed, when I am a lone GP who can not get cover 'just like that' if I become unwell, and when I see so many vulnerable and chronically ill patients- that patients still attend the surgery, answer no to reception questions upon entry, and then see me for coughs, colds, sinus issues, snotty or blocked noses, etc. Please be mindful of the rules.

I am very grateful for your cooperation- this rule about not attending and coming into my room for these respiratory or possible respiratory infections remains in place until further notice from me.

Best wishes, have a lovely weekend,

Dr Steve

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1 Comment

Jul 30, 2021

Thank you for the info Dr Steve, stay safe & we hope you & Wayne & all of Sycamore stay well.👍

Ron & Sammie.

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