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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

JUST A QUICK UPDATE to this post- a couple of patients with an all-year-round propensity to runny/blocked noses/cough/throat irritation have asked me does this mean that they can never visit me at the surgery? Of course you can, if this is you- but if there is any chance that you could have an INFECTION causing a FLARE/WORSENING/NEW TYPE of cough, runny nose, blocked nose, an acutely sore throat, or sinusitis, etc., then of course this requires covid19 to be excluded etc. The key is: if there is a chance that you have a bug that could be passed on to us (even if you have had covid19 excluded, or believe it to be unlikely that you have covid19), then don't just rock up at the Surgery, call and discuss first. Thank you, Steve

There's me in the tunnels today, on the way for my 3-weekly trim in Toowong!

Now that I have got that out of the way...

Please remember that EVEN IF YOU ARE COVID19 NEGATIVE, you are still NOT permitted to come into Sycamore Health, because if you give me or the other staff your non-Coronavirus cough, cold, snotty nose, blocked nose, sinusitis, middle ear infection, or sore throat, then we have to go off work, cancel appts, have the Covid19 test, etc. Also, if other patients catch it from the wait room, then there's a load more people needing to isolate and have COVID19 tests.

ALWAYS tell our reception staff if you have any of the above symptoms when speaking with them about an appointment.

This applies to physio, nursing, exercise physiology, NDIS, and GP appts- ie. for all reasons to attend Sycamore Health. Please don't come in to book an appt or change an appt if symptomatic- please phone us.

THE BOTTOM LINE: ***isolate*** until your symptoms of any cough, cold, upper respiratory tract infection, etc., have completely gone. Certainly wear a mask if going out with a cough or cold, so as to be less of a risk to others. Remember to keep your hands washed and clean!

If you have tested Covid19 negative, but need my attention, then we always have:

(1) telephone / telehealth consulting, and/or

(2) possibly my being able to see you outside of the Practice, in the car park, as long as we have significant physical distancing, etc. Don't be offended if I have to mask, glove, and face shield up, or require you to wear a mask, all of which are highly likely if I need to check your chest or similar IF Covid19 negative.

If you need a Covid19 test, we can sort that via a telephone consult.

If you need a Covid19 test and a Dr to examine you, then you need to attend Morayfield Health Hub's Respiratory Clinic. Please book with them directly.

Thanks all,


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