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We have instituted some important changes to access to our Practice.

Patients with symptoms of a cough or cold are expected to call and discuss with the Practice, not just turn up, or book an appointment without discussing your symptoms with us first. The signs displayed in the Practice windows advise not to enter the Practice without calling us to discuss first. We will then advise on what you need to do, and what we can do.

From now on, please note:

*If you have been in contact with someone with known or suspected Coronavirus infection, or have recently (within 14 days) travelled to an area with Coronavirus, and are now unwell, please don't attend the Practice- call and request advice on 07 3046 1700.

*If you are unwell with symptoms of a cold, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, fever, etc., please don't attend the Practice, instead call us and get our advice on 07 3046 1700 if you believe that your symptoms may warrant a consultation.

For standard mild cold bugs please follow usual common sense management, and rest, take fluids, usual pain relief, and treatment for the blocked or runny nose and sore throat. Please don't attend for mild bugs that are probably just a mild usual viral bug- please use your normal common sense.

*There is a local Coronavirus testing QML in the Morayfield Hub Medical Centre, which your Dr may refer you to if testing is indicated in specific cases. Again, this is in appropriate cases only.

*Please remember to use good hygiene. If you have a face mask and have to attend our Practice, please where it. Remember hand hygiene advice especially. Please limit any touching of the face. Remember where you have no face mask to preferably wear a shirt or blouse that allows you to lift it to cough into it, rather than using your elbow- and never cough just into your hands or the air when in public.

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