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Just a note that I am having a back and knee procedure tomorrow, and will be unavailable from now until the end of Wednesday.

Hopefully, I will recover quickly this time, and be able to both come back and stay for the full days at work this week: Thurs and Fri.

I will try my best!

Wayne and I are away from September 26th until October 6th inclusive, and on my birthday, October 30th.

Please note that we are not working on the last Sunday of each month.

We will, however, be working various half days over the xmas - new year period, when the Physiotherapy section will be closed.

When having a procedure or going away, I am unavailable for telephone calls, appointments, prescriptions, referrals, or advice.

You may not realise this, but with DVA permanent impairment work every Saturday, and with telephone and planning work on Mondays, we can go for weeks at a time without a whole day off. The holiday in Sept/Oct will only be our second proper week away this year.

When I am away, I would recommend my colleagues at MORAYFIELD HEALTH HUB, and in particular Dr Ray Gadd, if he is available.

As usual, if you have a fever, cough, cold, pink eye, gastro, runny nose, blocked nose, sinus pains, sore throat, or unusual blue-purple toes lesions, then please book to see a Dr at the MORAYFIELD HEALTH HUB'S RESPIRATORY (COVID-19) CLINIC.

Best wishes- stay safe!

Dr Steve and Wayne

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