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SYCAMORE HEALTH Shop 5, 174 Morayfield Road "My

I am both proud and grateful for the opportunity to work with the already well-established Physiotherapy and associated allied health centre of excellence that is Sycamore Health!

Owned and managed by James Sikkema, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Sycamore Health over the past year, collaborating to share knowledge and work for the very best outcomes for my patients.

Sycamore Health works closely alongside Northside Allied Health, based at Genesis Gym, Morayfield, with a spirit of shared care and always striving for the very best patient experiences and outcomes.

The Team at Sycamore Health is vibrant, young, experienced, and fun!

The key aspirations here are excellence in patient-centred care and outcomes, a sustainable business that works closely with like-minded partners, a team of providers and their integral support staff which is stable and very much team-focused and collaborative, and where both patients and all staff alike can have fun and enjoy their work and their patients!

This is a brand new venture at Sycamore Health- inviting me into their family as their first GP, encouraging and supporting my key interests in Veterans' Care and Chronic Disease Management. It is very exciting for us all!

I am especially proud to be able to announce that I am once again working with and am excellently-supported by my husband, Wayne, who is formally acting as my PA, as well as working alongside and with the excellent existing reception staff and management team at Sycamore Health.

This is an exciting time for Wayne and I, if initially a little daunting. The energies of James, the owner, and of all of the team have been exceptional. I feel truly blessed to have found my niche here, and look forward very much indeed to a successful future with Sycamore Health, for myself, Wayne, and for all of my patients here.

See you soon!

Dr Steve

"My Service Is Caring For You"

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