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I hope that readers of this have had a great christmas and a fun new year.

Now it's January, and it's back to the grind and slog of everyday life!

Plus, for me, it's a time to focus on my health, to re-prioritise, and to look forward to new beginnings...

I understand from the statistics that this website sends me that I have a lot of views every week going back months, and I have somewhat neglected updating this site. Now's the time for a re-vamp, and of course a GP's site is not worth much if it doesn't advise where he is working!

I will have news soon on my Practice location- and I can promise new patients of this Practice a unique and you-centred service. You will understand what I mean by this as we get to know one another.

I have been truly blessed to find this exciting opportunity, and will be happy soon to reveal further details.

I am especially proud and, frankly, overjoyed that my husband, Wayne, is integrally involved in the Practice at which I am about to start. I will be their first GP, as they expand their pre-existing business to become even more multi-disciplinary. The kindness, verve, vitality, and zest for a new venture that they have already shown me has literally made me cry...!

Be healthy! Be happy! I look forward to meeting you soon...

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